Biodun Okeowo: “My failed marriage unveiled hidden part of me”


On of the fast rising Nollywood  actresses — Biodun Okeowo, aka Tolani Osirin, opened up on why even though her marriage failed, it served a purpose in her life as it unveiled a hidden part of her which she didn’t know existed before then.

She had a recent chat with Vanguard Newspapers and she confessed that her failed marriage has made her a better person.

‘My broken marriage was a place of learning to me. It taught me to be a better person and has opened a hidden part of me. Then I was younger but I have learnt that what will be will be, no matter what,’ she said.  Also making a point to make people aware that she was a virgin when she got married, Okeowo said ‘My first s*xual experience occurred in my marriage before I was a virgin before then. It was full of fear, uncertainty, pain and alas! I loved it at the end’, she said.