The current economic crisis facing Ghana is the direct consequence of impoverished leadership characterized by policy incoherence, ineptitude and incompetence on the part of the Mahama-led administration according to Mr. Gabby Otchere- Darko, a Political Strategist and a Private Legal Practitioner.

Delivering a Public lecture on the topic “Capturing Power in 2016. Why Akufo-Addo Remains the Best Choice for the NPP and Ghana” in Düsseldorf-Germany over the weekend, Mr. Otchere Darko noted that what Ghana needs and deserves at this critical time in its history is a new crop of leadership with the vision and determination to transform the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Mr. Otchere-stressed that it is not enough to capture power, but the power captured must be used in a positive and practical manner for the greater good and upliftment of the ordinary Ghanaian from poverty and deprivation adding that leadership is about making a positive impact and real difference on society. “The New Patriotic Party wants to win power not just for the sake of forming the next government but to change the future direction of the country through pragmatic policies and programmes that can transform the lives of all Ghanaians.”

He said good leadership is a key ingredient in promoting economic, political and transparent governance and Nana Akufo-Addo has over the years demonstrated the determination and burning desire to provide that transformational leadership that has eluded Ghana and Ghanaians in the last six years.

Touching on the way forward, Mr. Otchere-Darko reminded the leadership and supporters of the NPP that the 2016 elections that cannot be won on the failings of the beleaguered NDC government but rather on the superiority of policies and programmes presented by the NPP and how well and effectively such policies are communicated to the populace.

According to him, the starting point is for the NPP to recruit and train at least 70, 000 volunteers to a man the various polling stations across the country adding that these volunteers must of necessity be people who can be trusted, not bribable and should be able to read and write.

He was of the view that the 2016 election should focus on the Youth because they constitute a greater proportion of the population most affected by the economic hardships created by Mahama government and said what the NPP needs is not a National Youth organizer but a Youth Movement that will take ownership and control of the campaign.

Mr. Otchere Darko reminded the party faithful that all these efforts will mean very little in the absence of a credible and reliable electoral register adding that Ghana’s electoral register lacks credibility and requires a thorough and complete overhaul to make it acceptable to all Ghanaians.

He disclosed that having failed in their attempt to use the National Health Insurance Card as a form of identification for the purposes of registering to vote, the NDC government is now using the National Identification Authority to get as many non-Ghanaians as possible to be registered as Ghanaian National all in an attempt to get them on the voters’ register. Against this backdrop, he called on all Ghanaians to remain vigilant and urged members of the External Branches of the party to impress upon governments across Europe to realize that a credible electoral register is a guarantor of peace and stability.

The well-attended lecture attracted Ghanaians from all parts of Europe including Holland, Belgium and France.

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