Adokiye: “I have a boyfriend now but we share agape love”

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Controversial Nigerian Singer — Adokiye, realized early on that her musical talent might not give her the fame she requires, so she sort other ways.

She mainly made headlines when she revealed that she was still a virgin and even said she was ready to offer her virginity to boko haram insurgents so as to secure the release of the Chibok girls.

Latest is that the 21-year-old singer now has a boyfriend but she insists that s*x is out of the question.

She tells Vanguard: –

“I have a boyfriend now, But what we share is AGAPE love; no s*x kind of love. But I know I want to settle down and have kids. I heard, these days, things have changed; Menopause comes fast now! Young girls aren’t young again after all.”

When reminded that it is difficult to have a relationship without s*x, Adokiye says:

“I don’t think so. Do you know s*x hinders blessings? Do you know s*x takes your hand very far from the reach of your blessings? I know you are married and have every right to s*x but try this sometimes. It always works like magic. It’s faster than 100 million Babalawo’s power. Anyway, maybe it is okay for those who have license to have it but for me, I won’t have it until after marriage”.