Rawlings book not intended to incriminate him

Lawyer for sued author J. A Larbi has said the work on Ghana’s governance transitions since 1992, has nothing incriminating against the plaintiff and former president Jerry John Rawlings.

“It is just the history of Ghana, there is nothing in the book that is not known to the ordinary Ghanaian”, J. A Larbi said of his client and author, Professor Kwame Danso-Boafo.

He said the book will focus on Ghana’s interests, how the country managed to exit from military dictatorship to civilian rule when other countries were struggling to do that.

When asked why the former president has sued the author, Mr Larbi said former president Rawlings has not indicated what problem he really has with the book.

“He has not specified any page in the book over which he has a problem. There is not a single indication in the writ filed about what he objects to in the book”.

Professor Kwame Danso-Boafo
Former president Rawlings filed a writ at the Fast Track High Court seeking a restraining order against Professor Kwame Danso-Boafo from proceeding with the launch of the book: “J.J Rawlings and the Decratic Transition in Ghana”.

According to an affidavit accompanying the statement of claim, the former diplomat had breached a contract between them to get the former President’s approval of the final draft of the book before its launch.

It also indicated that Flt Lt. Rawlings’s approval of the final work was a precondition for the publication of the book, and that even though Prof Danso-Boafo duly sent a transcript of the book to him, he (Rawlings) had not yet approved of it because it contained inaccuracies and distortions of the reality.

The affidavit said if not restrained, Prof Danso-Boafo would go ahead to launch the book to the incalculable detriment of the former president which cannot be compensated in monetary terms.

Meanwhile Flt Lt. Rawlings has agreed to a court directive to settle the case out of court.

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