I Can’t Be Bought! •Anta Tells Alan

Mohammed Amin Anta
Former Deputy Northern regional minister and one-time Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Tamale, Mohammed Amin Anta, is enraged by claims by the Alan Kyerematen campaign team that some people, including himself, who once worked for Alan, had been bought by Nana Akufo-Addo.

This was after one of the spokespersons for Alan, Phillip Longdon, had alleged that their supporters were being lured with money by the Akufo-Addo camp to influence their (supporters’) decision.

Nana Addo, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen and Addai-Nimoh are vying for the presidential slot of the New Patriotic Party (NPP); and the party is supposed to go to congress on October 18 to elect the flagbearer for election 2016.

In a statement, an obviously worried Amin Anta could not hide his reservations, saying with emphasis, ‘I am sad that our desperate moves to woo delegates to our side could shift the attention of some candidates from issues-based campaigns to campaigns dominated by false allegations such as the wicked one from Mr. Alan Kyerematen’s campaign team.’

He underscored, ‘I am at a loss why such allegations could come from the man I worked hard for in previous internal elections and would like to ask whether he bought me when I supported him. I don’t need to be bought by anybody in the NPP to contribute my quota to the democratic process of the party which gave me the opportunity to serve our country.’

The former Tamale MCE stated, ‘I have a bounding duty to bring the experience I gained from the party to the service of the party at no cost; and this is exactly what I tried to do by declaring my support for the man who can rejuvenate the grassroots supporters of the party to work hard for power.’

He was of the firm belief that ‘The NPP needs Nana Addo now more than ever, being the only hope of the party at this crucial period, and therefore, he does not need to buy any supporter of the party to support his candidature.

Any such thoughts only amount to trivializing the party’s resolve to win power in 2016.’

Even though Amin Anta admitted, ‘I have not been involved in active party politics’, he stated, ‘This does not mean I cannot contribute in my own small way to shape the thinking of the NPP and its supporters on who can provide it with purposeful and unifying leadership.’

He therefore renewed his confidence in leadership of Akufo-Addo and his ability to lead the party to power saying, ‘I do this without any coercion or inducement. His love for peace in Ghana as was demonstrated in his acceptance of the election petition verdict and congratulating our president have boosted his popularity and his demonstrated ability to unite not just the NPP, but Ghana as a whole.’ Mr. Anta emphasized, ‘A declaration of support for such a man can only be described as a national duty, and I am proud to have responded to this duty.’

By charles Takyi-Boadu

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