7 ways a man’s family will scare off his girlfriend

As the saying goes, when you marry someone, you’re also marrying their family.

So, what could these family members possibly do to make a girl run the other way? Read on to see what these seven ladies had to say about the family antics that made them call it quits.

#1. When you make them sound terrible before you’re even introduced.
“I don’t care if a guy is not close to his family, because there could be a really good reason for that. However, if he openly talks badly about them or complains about them, especially when I’m first getting to know him, that is a dealbreaker for me. I’m totally turned off.” – Tina, 47

#2. If you have no sisters …
“I’ve found that men without sisters are significantly less sensitive than men who grew up around women. The men in the latter group are much more in tune with the female psyche. My dating experiences prove this theory right. I once I dated a guy who had seven brothers. He had the emotions of a fish.” – Lisa

#3 … or any siblings.
“I’m sure that there are some well-adjusted only male children out there, but after the last two guys that I dated, I’m not willing to find out. Maybe it’s because they never learned to share early on, or that they’re used to the world revolving around their happiness, but I’ve consistently found only children to be very selfish and self-centered. The next time a guy tells me that he has no siblings, I plan to cut my losses early on.” – Deb, 29

#4. When you don’t treat your mother right.
“You know that old saying, ‘How a guy treats his mom is how he’s going to treat you?’ Well, I didn’t want to believe that when I watched the guy I had been dating quickly lose his patience with his mother, but cut to three months into our relationship, I found him acting the same way toward me. Lesson learned.” – Kim, 33

#5. If your family doesn’t approve.
“Regardless of their reasons, if you’re dating a guy whose family is not behind his decision to be with you, you’re fighting a losing battle.” – Jessica, 24

#6. When racist jokes equate with common dinner conversation.
“I’m of mixed race (one quarter Haitian, one quarter Asian, and half German) and people often can’t tell what ethnicity I am. When I went to dinner with my now ex-boyfriend’s family, they proceeded to drop the n-word, and make pretty racist jokes without giving them a second thought. I knew I would never fit in, so I called it quits.” – Kiya, 22

#7. If they try to convert you.
“I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m a frequently practicing Catholic, but I attend church with my family for occasions like Christmas, Easter, baptisms and communions. That being said, I’m completely open to marrying someone who has a different religion than mine. Except, of course, when every time I see my boyfriend’s family, it becomes a lecture on why I should convert to his. Definite dealbreaker.” – Antonette, 27


Source: Magazine.foxnews.com