Waste products can generate income, energy

Chief Executive of Renewable Green Energy says apart from being recycled, waste products can also generate income and energy for the country.

A tonne of treated waste products could generate $23 to $26.

Speaking on Joy News on Multi TV’s sanitation oriented programme: “Clean Communities”, Richard Dablah noted the organization is making efforts to install a waste-to-energy plant in Accra.

It would treat and generate up to 1,500 tonnes of solid waste per day for power generation and trading of recyclables. It would also provide an estimated 700 jobs for the youth.

“An average person generates 0.66 kg of waste daily. As Ghana is a middle income country, this figure has the potential to grow to 1kg per person,” he said.

According to him, the time has come for investments to be made in renewable energy especially, when the Greater Accra metropolis is faced with landfill problems.

The Tema landfill site was to last for between 20 and 25 years but after it was commissioned, it took about three years for all its cells to be filled up due to lack of segregation.

Sourcing of waste to treat and generate energy, he noted would not be a problem as “a house of 6 people may generate 5kg of waste daily.”

However, transporting the bulk product to the treatment plant would be the problem, he said.

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