Investors Have Confidence In Ghana Despite Challenges—Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama on Thursday said Ghana’s third successful launch of one billion dollars indicate that investors have a lot of confidence in the West African country.

“Ghana surprised even its most ardent critics when it launched its third Eurobond for an amount of one billion dollars. This successful flotation represents a return of investor confidence in the prospects of the Ghanaian economy,” he added.

President Mahama said this when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York.

He said, apart from the successful launch of the one billion dollar Eurobond, the Cedi had appreciated significantly against major trading currencies over the few weeks.

“Last year when I addressed this house, I stated that it is not sympathy we want; it is partnership; the ability to stand on our own feet. In an attempt to establish such partnership, we have entered into discussions with the International Monetary Fund, an organisation that is no stranger to the process of self-assessment and the implementation of change in pursuit of true progress.”

The President explained that the partnership Ghana and IMF had has the potential of bringing about the sort of transformation that would move Ghana from the ranks of low-middle-income into full-fledged middle-income status.

He attributed the economic challenges the country experienced to global economic market, and government is putting up appropriate institutions and measures that would avert subsequent crisis.

On gender, President Mahama said Ghana has a long-held commitment to the betterment of women and his administration had demonstrated this by prioritising the appointment of women into high positions in the coming years.

“This administration boasts of the highest number of women appointed to public office in the history of Ghana. Seven of our Cabinet Ministers are women, as are the holders of several senior public service posts, and I hope the fact that they are too numerous to list is an indication that we are reaching towards the ideal.”

President Mahama said Cabinet had submitted to Parliament an intestate Succession Bill, which ensures that if a spouse dies without a will, the surviving spouse would not be dispossessed of their marital assets.

He said Cabinet had also submitted the Property Rights of spouse bill to Parliament which would ensure that in times of marriage dissolutions, a spouse would be entitled to an equitable portion of the property acquired during the union.

“Also in existence are several other pieces of legislations designed to offer protection and empowerment of women such as the Domestic Violence Act, the Anti-Human Trafficking Act, an affirmative Bill and a gender policy.

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