Aflao Rival Chief Arrested  

Toegbui Adzonugaga Amenya Fiti V and Torgbui Afla Awunor Detu IX

But for the timely intervention of police and military personnel, one Torgbui Afla Awunor Detu IX, the alleged rival chief of Aflao would have been manhandled by the youth of the area.

The rival chief, who was said to have been escorted to the traditional area from Anlo on Wednesday night by some persons, was at his home when the youth attempted to invade the abode yesterday at about 8:00am.

The police and the Ketu South Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) moved quickly and intervened in the matter to avoid a bloodbath.

Five of the young men and the rival chief were arrested by the security agents in the process.

The suspects have since been sent to the Regional Police Headquarters where they are being processed for court today.

The rival chief, according to the Votla Regional Police Commander, ACP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae was picked up because he flouted a court injunction which barred him from entering the Aflao Traditional Area to be subsequently outdoored in the area.

To this end, Torgdui Detu is expected to be arraigned before the Ho High Court today, Friday, 26 th  September.

The injunction was placed on the installation of the chief by the court upon the request of MUSEC due to security reasons.

He said the Police in Aflao received a letter from an emissary of the rival chief for protection to allow his chief to be outdoored in the area on Thursday, 25 th  September, 2014.

After consultations with the MUSEC, the emissary of the rival chief was invited, but he sent other people.

As a result, a court injunction was placed on the outdooring of the chief.

There was tension yesterday morning in the Aflao Traditional Area, as the chief and people wore red to signify their disgust over the recent development.

Some of the young men were seen wielding machetes and other weapons.

Others fired warning shots to deter what they termed ‘supporters and loyalists of the so-called rival Aflao Chief.’

The police and military were quickly called in to defuse the tension, which forced the youth to hide their weapons.

The security agencies have since increased patrol in the area.

Petit Haliga, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Toegbui Adzonugaga Amenya Fiti V, the renowned overlord of Aflao, said it was unfortunate for some people in the Anlo traditional area to secretly confine and install a chief in Anlo.

‘If the so-called Torgbui or whatever he calls himself is the chief of Aflao, he is welcome to come and take the so-called vacant seat…The people of Aflao are waiting.’

This is about the third time in the past year that this matter has reared its ugly head in the area.

The last time it came up, the Awomefia of the Anlo state, Torgbui Sri III reportedly noted that he was unaware of the said installation of the rival chief.

The Volta Regional House of Chiefs, led by Torgbui Afede XIV condemned the act and stressed that Torgbui Fiti is the only known chief of Aflao and that until he is legitimately destooled and the House duly informed, no one should try to foment trouble in the area.

From Fred Duodu, Ho ( [email protected] )

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