Pasion Morena: Thrilling new telenovela on Joy TV

Joy TV on Multi TV is set to launch a new and exciting telenovela, Pasion Morena on Sunday, September 28.

At 5:00 pm on the Chat Room show on Joy TV join hostess Judith Asante and guests like DKB and others as they discuss yet another thriller from Mexico.

Pasion Morena is a love story set in the cosmopolitan cities of Mexico and New York:

Morena a young fashion designer has taken New York’s runway by storm.

She is soon to marry Oscar the man of her dreams but her life and dreams soon crumble just before the wedding when she finds Oscar in another woman’s arms.

Pain forces Morena to travel to a paradise island where her life suddenly changes when she meets Leo.

Morena’s heart is captured by Leo’s honesty and giving nature. All too soon it is time for Morena to leave but little does she know that she will meet Leo again under mysterious circumstances.

Finding out that the man he thought to be his  father in reality is not, he then goes to Mexico city looking for his past and discovers that his existence is tied to Morena through the fabulously wealthy Sirenio family.

Lucio Sirenio recognizes Leo as his nephew the son of his dead brother Flavio. Unfortunately not everyone rejoices when Leo arrives on the scene. Leo’s other uncle Aldo sees Leo as a serious threat to his interests and so he must act quickly to get rid of his nephew.

Leo soon discovers how little he knows about what power does to people and only Morena’s love promises a brighter future but their love and passion is put to the test in a place where the truth is the most terrifying weapon.

Join in the thrills, the excitement and fun at 8:00pm every day from Monday to Friday.

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