Limann’s wife demands apology from Rawlings

A former first lady, Fulera Limann, wife of former President Hilla Limann has said the Limann family deserves an apology from those who overthrew him.

This, according to Fulera, is because the former president was unjustifiably removed from office.

President Limann, the only president of the third republic was overthrown 32 years ago by ex-president Jerry John Rawlings on December 31 after being in office for 27 months.

Speaking at a ceremony held to commemorate 35 years after the swearing in of her husband as president of Ghana, the former first lady insisted Dr  Hilla Limann contested the 1992 elections to prove to all he did no wrong in office.

 The man Limann
Following the 1979 coup led by Jerry Rawlings, Limann, though almost unknown even in Ghana, was elected President on the People’s National Party ticket.

He stood for the elections following the disqualification of Alhaji Imoru Egala by the then ruling Supreme Military Council and won 62% of the popular vote in the second round of voting.

Dr. Limann assumed office as president on 24 September 1979. He was an economic moderate, and supported democratic values and Pan-Africanism. He was deposed in a coup by Rawlings on 31 December 1981. He thus was the only president of the third republic of Ghana.

In 1992, at the end of the PNDC military rule that overthrew him, Dr. Limann once again found himself involved in politics and stood as the candidate of the People’s National Convention in the presidential election that year.

He received 6.7% of the popular vote in the elections, coming third. He remained active among the Nkrumahist political movement in Ghana.

Dr. Limann had chronic health problems and later died of natural causes. He was survived by his wife, Mrs. Fulera Limann, and seven children: Lariba Montia (née Limann), Baba Limann, Sibi Andan (née Limann), Lida Limann, Daani Limann, Zilla Limann and Salma Limann.

After the handover ceremony in 1979, Military intelligence personnel consistently reported destabilising activities of former members of the AFRC. Dr. Limman insisted that there were no legal justifications to hold them in custody under a democratic dispensation. This decision eventually cost him the presidency and the years of humiliation and alienation he suffered at the hands of the Rawlings administration.

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