David gets off the street, thanks to EPP Books

David Kanji, the GIMPA level 400 student who pays for his tuition by selling recharge cards in moving traffic, has a new life thanks to EPP Books Services.

A few days after David’s story broke, tons of emails reached Myjoyonline.com asking how David could be assisted. Huddled among these emails was one from Managing Director of EPP Book Services, Millicent Brookman-Amissah.

It was a short email, the message straight to the point:

“My company would very much want to meet with David. We may be of assistance. Kindly provide us with his contact details. Or he could also contact me via e-mail…”

The request of Mrs Brookman-Amissah – along with almost all that reached the reporter who broke the story – was honoured.

Three days later, David Kanji was singing a new song.

It was a song that has been in his heart. He could not sing then because it was just a dream, a hope. Now that hope has materialised.

Thanks to one of Ghana’s biggest book sellers and publishers, David’s total outstanding tuition at GIMPA has been paid to enable him complete his course.

David’s two years rent advance – 2015 and 2016 – has also been sorted by EPP Books.

Mrs Brookman-Amissah explained that it was her colleague, Mr Gibrine Adam, who sighted the story about David on Myjoyonline.com.

“We were touched by the story and moved by his determination to succeed under any circumstance”, she said.

David has also been offered an internship programme plus a monthly allowance in the serene environment of EPP Book Service’s bookshop. His job is to assist in the sales of the books, a good starting point, he admits.

After he completes his marketing programme at GIMPA, David has the opportunity to take up full time employment at the bookshop.

But David is not working at just any bookshop, it is a books supermarket.

A complete shop for every type of book under the sun. It could easily pass as one of the biggest in all of Africa.

The University Bookshop, located on the 2 nd floor of the Legon Mall, in Accra may not be making a lot of noise in the media, but it would be discovery for anyone.

The bookshop that David Kanji is working with now has a cafeteria that serves delicious snacks, a play area for kids – where moms (or dads) could leave their children – while they shop for books, or read a book while sipping on some coffee.

David is excited about his new working environment: “The atmosphere here is great. And there is no scorching sun”, he said.

But importantly, he adds, there are no motorbikes threatening to knock him down while trying to sell his wares, as it was a few weeks ago.

David Kanji has a plan for his new place of work.
He spoke in marketing jargon that basically translates as he will review the Marketing Strategy of EPP Books within three months and suggest a marketing strategy that would be an improvement.

“I want to make sure that my presence here is felt. I will get this place selling more books. You wait and see”, he assures.

But David has other plans too: to set up an NGO soon to assist people who may be in the situation he found himself in.

Wouldn’t that amount to getting ahead of himself? No, he answers.

“Where there is a will there is a way”, David says.

David Kanji can now look into the future with a renewed sense of hope, a new promise to do better in life, thanks to Mrs Millicent Brookman-Amissah and EPP Books Services.

  Story by Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | George Nyavor | [email protected]

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