Anita De-Soso Quits

Anita De-Soso
Controversial national Women’s Organiser of the ruling national Democratic congress (NDC), Anita De-Soso, has opted out of the upcoming NDC race. She would therefore not seek re-election for her position.

‘In light of the upcoming NDC National Women’s Conference, I wish to state that I will not contest,’ she said in a statement.

Anita, who recently attributed the free-fall of the value of the Ghana cedi against the world’s major trading currencies to dwarfs, said the main reason

for the decision was to enable her focus on her new job as Deputy Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO).

This, she said, would ensure that ‘more women are given the opportunity to experience political leader-ship.’

She has therefore urged all hard-working and faithful women in the NDC to take the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and plans for bettering the conditions of their women and help secure victory in the 2016 general elections.

Anita touted her achievements when she recounted how she began her political career as a serial caller and rose through the ranks of a Ward Women’s Organiser, Constituency Women’s Organiser, and National Deputy Propaganda Secretary to the National Women’s Organiser.

‘As National Women’s Organiser, the office has trained many women and increased their political leader-ship capacity with the support of organisations like Frederich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Foundation, Abantu For Development, Institute of Eco-nomic Affairs (IEA), Women Acade-my For Africa (WAFA), Women Inter-national Democratic Federation (WIDF), and SPD Denmark among others,’ she added.

It was for this reason she expressed profound gratitude to all who have and continue to support her.

According to her, her ‘tenure has witnessed an increase in the number of female NDC parliamentarians from five in 2008 to 14 in 2012, a result of increase in women participa-tion in politics and leadership as promised.’

‘My administration can reliably pride itself of 21 female District Chief

Executives,’ Anita noted, adding that ‘several women organisers have received capacity training abroad in countries such as USA, UK, Brazil, India, China, Denmark, and Angola, among others, which accounts for increase representation of women in governance today.’

She urged all women in the party to remain dedicated to the social democratic course in ensuring victory for the NDC in 2016.

She also thanked President Mahama for appointing her Deputy Coordinator

for the National Disaster Management Organiser (NADMO).

By Charles Takyi-Boadu

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