Meet The Girl Who Spent $20,000 To Have 3 Boobies

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Na wa ooooh, wonders will never end sha oooh.

So the photo you see above is of a 21-year-old American, Jasmine Tridevil who claims she paid $20,000 to surgically add a third chest in a bid to become a reality TV star.

Jasmine says she was rejected by more than 50 doctors who feared violating ethical codes before she found a willing surgeon who would perform the procedure.

Now, she has hired a camera crew to follow her around Tampa, Florida, documenting the ‘struggles’ she faces as a three-breasted woman.

The massage therapist, who recently celebrated her 21st birthday, has shared dozens of pictures of her new look in custom made bikinis on her Facebook fan page.

And she has proudly declared that she been disowned by her mother and sister, who ran out the room in disgust when they saw what she had done.

She tells Real Radio 104.1: –

‘My whole dream is to get this show on MTV.  I’m dumping every penny I have into this. If this doesn’t work, I’m through. I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore,’