High-rise buildings at Kotoka airport pose danger to human life, properties

Aviation expert warns of looming disaster at Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport, as structures continue to spring up in the area.

A piece of land in the area costs as much as $4 million.

According to John Aniu, the construction of high-rise buildings very close to the airport is a recipe for disaster. Over the past eight years, the area has experienced very sophisticated high-rise buildings, some of which are being habited by tenants.

“Those high-rise buildings in case of any misfortune like we have crash landing, automatically lives would be lost.”

He explained the moment an aircraft lands forcefully and catches fire, all those living around and properties would be totally condemned.

Also, it means there would not be future expansion projects to be carried out at the airport due to the existence of those structures.

Joy FM’s Kwakye Afreh-Nuamah, who has been following events at the country’s aircraft landing site said a team of engineers were busily working on a 12-storey apartment building which would be housing over 100 tenants when completed.

He continued, some developers have totally ignored the height restrictions prescribed by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.

An engineer at one of the project sites, Samuel Obeng told Afreh-Nuamah that more of such buildings would even be constructed in the coming years.

Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company, Charles Asare agreed with Mr. Aniu, saying, his outfit has raised similar concerns with the GCAA, Lands Commission and the National Security.

Development around the area, he advised, should be planned with due consideration for height, positioning and use of the land.

Responding to the issue, Deputy Transport Minister, Joyce Bawa Muktari mentioned Ghana has one of the best safety records in aviation, claiming “we have a very competent technical institution which is the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.”

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