Cuzzy Bro’s To Support Ghana Rugby Development

In a joint statement issued by the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) and the owner of a popular restaurant in Osu, Mr. Heta Mann, it was announced that Cuzzy Bro’s will actively partake in raising funds for Ghana Rugby.

The President of the GRFU, Mr. Herbert Mensah, welcomed this development and expressed his gratitude to Cuzzy Bro’s for getting involved in the development of Rugby in Ghana.

Mr. Mensah continued to say, “This partnership is extremely important to Ghana Rugby and we can only hope that many other companies will join us on the journey to make Ghanaians proud with the performance of our national teams, the Ghana Eagles and Ghana Eaglets, in future.”

Mr. Heta Mann, owner of Cuzzy Bro’s formerly known as Ryan’s Irish Pub, said that he is very excited about the partnership with Ghana Rugby.

“I am a Rugby lover and would love to see Ghana enter the international Rugby scene sooner than later. Even though Rugby may be not be such a well known sport as football, there are many foreign investors with many expats in Ghana who are just mad about Rugby.

We hope that this small gesture by Cuzzy Bro’s will inspire many more to get onto the Ghana Rugby train before it leaves the station,” Mr. Mann said.

The partnership will be officially announced at Cuzzy Bro’s on Saturday 27 September at 2pm, to be followed by a live screening of another epic encounter between the New Zealand All Blacks and the Springboks from South Africa.

According to the Vice President of Ghana Rugby, Mr. Ernest Hanson, the partnership aims to develop a network that will become part of the Ghana Rugby Family.

“Ghana Rugby can’t progress or develop without financial or other support. Our problem in Ghana as compared to developed Rugby nations such as the UK, France, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa is that there are no broadcasting agreements of substance,” Mr. Hanson continued to say.

The Director of Fundraising for Ghana Rugby, Mr. Sidney Yankson, said that the partnership with Cuzzy Bro’s is significant in the sense that it creates a platform for networking and for discussions on how the Game of Rugby can be expedited to put Ghana on the international scene.

Mr. Yankson continued to say, “Even though the financial contributions through raffles and other innovative ideas involved with this partnership with Cuzzy Bro’s may initially seem insignificant in terms of the Blueprint for Ghana Rugby it is a very important step in the right direction and I am convinced that the fruits from this seed will be in abundance in times to come.”