NPP Is Praying For Ebola To Hit Ghana—Yamin

The Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. Joseph Yamin, has accused the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of praying fervently that the deadly Ebola disease hits Ghana so that they can have the opportunity to lash out at the government.

According to the deputy minister, the opposition party has become exceedingly obsessed with the Ebola disease to the extent that they are not ready to give credit to the government for working hard to ensure that the country is free off the disease.

“So now the NPP are not even happy that the country is free off the Ebola disease, left to them alone they wish the disease is here so they can accuse the government, that is how wicked they are,” Mr. Yamin alleged.

Addressing members of the Kumasi Polytechnic branch of the Tertiary Education Institutional Network of the NDC (TEIN) in Kumasi, Mr. Yamin, who has constantly refused to detach his former position as the Ashanti Regional scribe of the ruling party from his current post as a deputy minister, noted that the opposition NPP’s desperation for power has reached a crescendo and have therefore the penchant for engaging in trivial criticisms.

He said members of the NPP were employing desperate propaganda machineries to divert the attention of Ghanaians from the dirty integral wrangling and bickering that have characterised their party.

Mr. Yamin, who was sacked from his post at the lucrative Ministry of Youth and Sports following his infamous public utterances prior to the World Cup tournament in Brazil, also chastised the opposition party for seeking to blame government of President John Dramani Mahama for the recent outbreak of cholera in the national capital and other parts of the country.

“How do you blame government when there is a cholera outbreak as if it is President Mahama that carries the bacteria that causes the disease; you the NPP and their desperation for power,” noted Mr. Yamin, amidst applause from few students at the hall.

According to the deputy minister, the opposition party appears to be losing the battle of political objectivity, stressing that they have refused to engage in discussions based on realities and have instead resorted to vile propaganda.

He contended that the claim by the NPP that Ghana’s borders are not adequately secured to deal with an outbreak was not true, adding that the government has adequately resourced all neighbouring borders to deal with any potential cases.

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