Motor Bike Thief Caught At Wedding Reception

The suspect after his arrest
Luck eluded a suspected motorbike snatcher over the weekend, when he failed to escape with a new Sukida motorbike he had stolen at a wedding reception in Bolgatanga.

The suspect, believed to be in his early 30s, was only identified by some persons at the wedding reception as ‘Sharp Man’ and suspected to be a member of a gang of thieves who go round stealing motorbikes in the Bolgatanga Municipality.

According to some guests at the wedding reception, they saw the suspect standing by the motorbike, but did not suspect he was a thief because he was smartly dressed.

Even though the suspect succeeded in breaking the security lock and disconnecting the alarm on the motorbike, he couldn’t bolt away with his booty because someone saw him and raised an alarm as he was pushing the bike towards the exit of the reception venue.

Before the police officers who were at the reception to grace their colleague’s wedding could come to his aid, some civilian guests had beaten him severely, injuring him in the head.

In recent times, ‘thieves’ caught in the Bolgatanga Municipality have either been lynched or maimed by angry mob and abandoned to their fate. It was therefore not surprising that the suspect, instead of running away, rather run towards the police who were busily dancing. They rescued him and took him to the Bolgatanga Police Station for protection and possible prosecution.

It is a known fact that the Bolgatanga Municipality records motor accidents almost every day, just as motorbikes—mostly new ones—are stolen on daily basis.


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