#Occupyflagstaffhouse2 Protest Postponed Indefinitely

In response to calls from a preponderant number of its members and sympathisers for the group to support activities lined up to commemorate the National Volunteer Day, Concerned Ghanaians for Responsible Governance (the non-partisan civil society group which orchestrated the #OccupyFlagstaffHouse protest on July 1, 2014 and initiated the #RedFriday campaign) has postponed indefinitely the #OccupyFlagstaffHouse2 protest scheduled to take place on Monday, September 22, 2014.

The Greater Accra Regional Police Command which assured the group of its willingness to protect protesters during the #OccupyFlagstaffHouse2 protest has since been notified of the indefinite postponement.

In lieu of Monday’s protest, CGRG will join Fashion For Change Africa (FFCA) and Utopia Wishlist to organise a medical seminar with volunteer doctors who will educate residents of the Chosen Rehab Centre, Darkuman, Accra about Cholera and the Ebola epidemic. Pictorial presentations and demonstrations will be made on proper hand washing techniques. Residents will also benefit from empowering interactive sessions with members of the three groups. Medical supplies will be donated to the centre to help cater for the medical needs of residents.

CGRG therefore urges all its members and sympathizers to join this noble cause as we, in our own small way, fight the ‘octopus of hardships’ which Government has neglected to deal with. CGRG further calls on all concerned Ghanaians to join the three groups at the Chosen Rehab Centre, Darkuman with cash and/ or clothes and sundries to support this worthy cause. Concerned Ghanaians who may be unable to show up at the Chosen Rehab Centre are urged to volunteer their time and do some form of community service on Monday, September 22, 2014. The new date for the #OccupyFlagstaffHouse2 protest will be communicated in due course.

If Government will not fight the ‘octopus of hardships’, we will. God bless our homeland Ghana.

George Kojo Anti
Executive Secretary