Police Does ‘Suulia’ On Castro

It was a major let down last Monday when throughout the weekend the police had promised a big media conference to announce the latest issue of the disappearance of Castro Destroyer and his lady friend Janet Bandu. The media interaction was planned for Monday.

When the time came and the media was gathered at the venue with the hope of getting juicy angles to the two months old saga of the missing music icon, it ended up with no twist to the tale whatsoever. Saying it was a disappointing news conference would be stating the obvious.

What the police actually said at the conference was what has been known by the public for over two months. In essence, they said the police was still looking for the two people and had not closed the case until they were found dead or alive or until after seven years if they are still not found.

This was already known to the public. The media and by extension the public were expectant of getting any new information about the situation from the police only to be apprised with rehashed information they already knew about.

Perhaps, as some have intimated, what might have precipitated this planned interaction by the police has got to do with the assertions made by a lawyer last week that he had information of the whereabouts of Castro and he would make it known at the end of September.

The lawyer, Maurice Ampaw’s assertions and subsequent stance that he would only come out with his information at the end of the month was condemned by many. Some had said he should have volunteered whatever information to police rather than in the manner he was doing it.

So the police met with the press and told them what they already know and then in the evening when he was called again, the lawyer said he would present whatever information he had to the police and won’t reveal it at the end of September anymore.

Meanwhile, as this charade goes on, two families are grieving over the fact that they have still not heard from or seen their relatives two months after they went missing at Ada during a jet skiing session at Aqua Safari.

Hopefully, the police will increase their efforts in searching for the two and hopefully whatever loaded gun of information Mr. Ampaw has will be enough to aid the police to shoot down their inability to look for and find the artiste and his friend.


Not long after the commencement of the latest season of Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show on TV3, the noise level over the hosts started to increase. Viewers were not too happy with the performance that Alexis Nstiakor and Ken Cabonu were putting up.

This is a show that has relied on strong hosts to run it. There have been some good ones and there have been some average ones as well over the period of the seven seasons that the show had been running.

The producers therefore had thought they could get away with this one. Unfortunately, the two could not bring the spark as many times as they tried. Alexis may have been a host of another programme on the same channel before but the Ghana’s Most Beautiful stage wasn’t her stage.

On his part, Ken Cabonu is an amazing singer, pianist and performer, someone I have known throughout my life. I was however surprised when I saw him on the stage as co-host of such a primetime show.

From the get-go, it was obvious it wasn’t going to go well (there are so many gos here) and yet they kept at it. Most certainly, the complaints of the viewers or the producers’ own assessment of the situation determined that they were replaced.

They would have debated who to replace them with. In the end, they chose a former news presenter and host of the same show, Gideon Aryeequaye to take up the responsibility of presenting the show from where Alexis and Ken left off.

This gentleman had left the media with the aim of securing a parliamentary seat and also to delve into the murky world of politics. It wasn’t very certain when or if he was going to come back to small screen again as a presenter. But he did.

He was Aryeequaye all right but he looked bigger. That though did not take away from his mirth, smile and naturally good sense of humour. His presence was felt and whichever of the producers made the suggestion for his return was bang-on right!

The complexion of the programme has changed since Aryeequaye took over as he has brought his personality to bear on the show and his interaction with the contestants, audience as well as judges makes the show lively and easy on the eye.

I am not a fan of the show but I like Gideon’s jolly-good-fellow nature and so I steal glances occasionally while I work on my laptop.