Confusion Over Ghana Movie Awards

After several failed attempts to come to an agreement to make the Ghana Movie Awards scheme a successful one, no consensus was reached and this has resulted in the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) parting ways with Ghana Movie Awards Foundation: organizers of the annual Ghana Movie Awards.

To make their position clear on whether they are still in good standing with the awards or not, both FIPAG and the Actors Guild of Ghana have issued a press release dissociating itself from the awards and this has been discussed on several platforms in our entertainment industry.

The leaders of these two associations, have been questioned as to whether they will change their position with the awards but they have remained resolute and stagnant on the fact that they will not associate themselves with the awards and that none of their members will permit the organizers to use their movies for the awards.

As if that has not been heard or read by the organizers, we woke up one fine morning to see a press release from Ghana Movie Awards Foundation announcing the 2014 edition of Ghana Movie Awards. In the statement, they confirmed that preparations are on going to bring to patrons another edition of the awards slated for 30th December 2014.

Another twist which is also being developed by the organizers was the introduction of associate organizers and producers of the awards scheme like Blaq Qode and SEA (Seyi Emmanuel Adebayor) Foundation. According them, they are bringing on board their proficiency and this is a huge plus for Ghana Movie Awards.

What is disturbing in this press statement is the person who signed the release. Victor Adeyemi works with Ghanaweb as their entertainment reporter and he has told Flex newspaper that he has been employed by the three organizations above to work as their external public relations officer.

Even with his current position as the PRO, he is not abreast with information that organizations like FIPAG and GAG have dissociated themselves from the awards. Again, he could not even ascertain whether Fred Nuamah, who happens to be the founder and CEO of Ghana Movie Awards was aware of the press release before it was being put out by the external PRO.

Meanwhile, FIPAG has threatened legal actions should the organizers use any of their movies without their awareness in the organization of the awards.