Prez Mahama’s Neglect Of NDC Media Houses Worrying

I consider this a rare privilege to be able to extend these few lines to you.

Looking at the number of competent hands in your Cabinet and government to advice you on what is best to be done, I shudder as I write you this letter.

The thrust of this letter Mr. President is what I consider an unholy relationship and the unruly and a lackadaisical attitude your government have for the media that is the pro-National Democratic Congress (NDC) and I wish to bring to your attention.

I viewed you and still consider you as one of the few Ghanaian leaders, we have had since independence, with a human face, one of the few that will listen to the concerns of his citizen and would lean to hear him and respond decisively.

Secondly, it is a fact and which your communicators are quick to point to that you are a communication expert, you did not only learn it in class, you practiced it through so many ways, including writing and serving under various portfolio both in Parliament and Government.

So you are better qualified to give a fair and accurate judgment on the subject than me, but as our elders say, the one charting the path does not know that his back is crooked.

As one who is so much concern about the success of your government, I believe that just as the popularity of your government is waning because even in opposition the New Patriotic party (NPP), still controls the media and set the agenda for you. The healing will be accelerated when the
relationship between the government and the media is rejuvenated.

Why? To the media has fallen the responsibility of describing the road to travel so a nation does not drive into the ditch so that a fallen society and political parties can dig itself out. The media does this by indefatigably and honestly reporting developments of interest to the community.

This point President John Agyekum Kufuor and the NPP appreciated very well when they were in government and is why they still have leverage over the media. Mr. President, you will be the first to admit that politics is not all about winning the argument.

Of the factors Mr. President that undoubtedly help any government achieve its mission and bring it programmes to the doorstep of the citizenry, the media is the most understated, most especially when it comes to the National Democratic Congress, of which you are the leader.

Mr. President, when was the last time you tried reading or glancing through newspapers like, The Informer, The Daily Post, The Daily Democrat,

The Republic, The Ghana Palaver, The Ghanaian Lens, The Herald etc, what strikes you most, If you will be candid enough Mr. President you would notice without a second thought that the papers are without advert, yet they still strive to project government in good light.

Mr. President have you ever asked yourself how they manage to hit the newsstands every day, despite the obvious, newspapers survive on advert,
not sales, and if we are to remain in business and continue doing what we are doing then we need to cut down on the words in the papers.

Mr. President, newspapers that hitherto used to come out daily, has now become a bi-weekly or tri-weekly newspapers. The reason is simple; they struggle to meet production cost.

Just count the number of the pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) newspapers that come out daily and compare to the NDCs, even in government some of the NDC newspapers are dying. These papers you will need both in government and opposition. Compare the Daily Guide, The New Crusading Guide,
The Daily Searchlight, and The Chronicle, all these are papers that come out daily, compared to any of the pro-government ones that also come out daily.

Mr. President, the papers are struggling to survive, why do you think it was convenience for the former Attorney –General, Martin Amidu to describe a section of the pro-government press as a ‘rented press’. Because gradually but slowly, we are becoming a tool for the highest bidder, which should not be the case.

It is said, Mr. President that he who pays the piper calls the tune. The reason your government is struggling to be heard is because, you are not trying hard to cultivate the media. The pro-press have been describe by various terms and mocked at, because even you do not recognize and appreciate our contributions.

Ordinarily I won’t be bothered about it, but Mr. President, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, even despite your offer of peace and gesture to the press align to the opposition; they still spite you and wish you lose the elections.

Mr. President, so you know, anytime we want any advert, we have to be running around and making calls on end, just to get someone to listen and be kind enough to remember that we also need to survive. At least that is all we ask for, survival.

In the run up to the 2012 elections, we run adverts for you for months without getting paid, yet we did it out of love for you, the country and the NDC. We are ready to help you in the 2016 election, but trust me Mr President, it won’t be easy.

The action of your government is looking like a case of empowering your enemy to fight you.

As a stickler of principles and the preacher of fairness, would you say Sir that it the treatment we are getting is the best? A lot of people are outside pissing in because they feel, Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop.

Is it a crime to belong and defend the cause of NDC?

I believe you will look at this as coming from one who is not only out to survive, but to make his own little contribution to the growth and well-being of this great nation of ours, Ghana.

May God lead you in the path of justice, fairness and truth?