Kwasi Appiah: It Hurts…But I Bear No Grudge

Axed Black Stars coach, Kwasi Appiah, is looking at the brighter side of life and refusing to be angry at the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for the manner in which he was relieved of his post.

Instead, he is ready to move on with his life and take a deserved rest after his stint with the Stars, even though he has no immediate plans of returning to the hurly burly of coaching.

Speaking for the first time after his controversial sacking last week, Appiah told the Graphic Sports he understood the risk of being a coach, and, therefore, could not hold it against anyone for losing his job. The FA stated that both parties agreed to mutually part ways barely two months after publicly stating the association had faith in the coach and would stand behind him.

“Does it hurt?” Of course, being human it does and to wake up and realise you are out of job is not a pleasant experience for anyone, but such is life and I’m coming to terms with it,” he said.

Nonetheless, what appeared to have touched a raw nerve in the otherwise very quiet man, was the manner in which the dismissal was handled.

He denied reaching any mutual agreement with the GFA to part ways and insisted the news took him by surprise.

“The coaching job has the highest risk factor in the job market and so the decision by the FA comes as no surprise; what I’m disappointed about was the manner the news got to me. The whole world got to know before I did, and for me, that was very unfortunate,” Mr Appiah told this paper in an exclusive interview.

Despite his disappointment, Appiah said he would not hold a grudge against anyone and was already moving on.

The former national coach refused to talk about his next line of action, although he confirmed he had received a rather terse letter from his former employers informing him of their decision to terminate his contract which was renewed just last May, after an initial two-year deal which was sealed in 2012.