300 school pupils left to 7 untrained teachers

 The fate of pupils at Nansoyiri in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district of the Northern region hangs in the balance as the school is without a single trained teacher. The school has a population of a little over 300 pupils with seven teachers.

Out of these seven teachers only the head teachers who has just been transferred out of the school is a trained teacher.

Meaning the school will be in the hands of six untrained teachers to teach the over three hundred pupils.

Upper West regional correspondent Rafiq Salam visited the school at Nansoyiri in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district and reports of bleak future that awaits the pupils if urgent steps are not taken.

The school admitted 16 pupils on reopening day otherwise rechristened ‘my first day at school’.

They have ages ranging between 4 and 10 and are dressed in tattered clothes.

Their shin and legs are whitish as if they have laid on white clay all day.

Their hair is unkempt and looks more of a hair that has been plaited by a half-baked hairdresser at a salon.

Most of the sixteen pupils came to the school without a parent or a guardian.

Apart from the response to the usual greeting of good morning from school teachers, they can neither speak nor read a single sentence in English language. However, they all have hopes of what they want to be in future.

These they communicated who they want to be in future by pointing at the various officers including the District Chief Executive, Isaac Dramani Mumuni.

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