Miley Cyrus Shares unclad Photo Of Herself Showering


Former Disney child star — Miley Cyrus, totally went out of control when she started sharing unclad pictures of herself online and other vulgar actions. She went silent for a long while, but the good girl gone bad is back!!!

The controversial snap-happy pop singer shared a shot of her totally unclad as she lathered up under the water while enjoying some R&R in Puerto Rico.

With one hand in her hair and another hidden in front of her, Miley has clearly perfected a her sultry shower pose for her 12, 607, 877 Instagram followers.

She did have the decency to cover her modesty with a huge red heart, however.

Her expletive-ridden caption read: “f**k YEAH PUERTO RICAN SHOWER #showeringinnatureisdash*tmane.”

But the big question is, who took the snapshot?