“Ghana is like a lion without a head”-Ama Ata Aidoo

Renowned Poet and Playwright Ama Ata Aidoo has described the state of Ghana in very gloomy colours.

She says Ghana is like a lion without a head and questions how strong a lion without a head can be.

The 70 year-old woman says politicians in Ghana are not making good use of the country’s natural resources to improve the lot of citizens but are rather doing what they want.

She was speaking on TV3′s Today’s Woman programme.
“How can leaders in Africa go to China, Europe or the USA to beg for financial help or any form of resources while everything is here”, she asked and demanded better management of Africa’s resources from African leaders.

“If they want what we have got, then the least we can do is to sell what we have got as premium that will allow us in future not to go and beg. We have to take stock and recognize all the resources we have got as ours and exploit them for our benefits… it is for you not for any Chinese or whiteman”, she said.

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