Business community in Ghana must stand united – Ouedraogo

The Western Regional Chairman of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Issa Ouedraogo, has called on the business community in Ghana to stand united in the midst of the challenges facing the business environment.

He said businesses would thrive if uncompromising unity exists among the players driving the private sector in the country.

Speaking to journalists in Takoradi, after being appointed as the interim Western regional chairman of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce, he said in unity lies the strength of the business class in Ghana.

“We are only important when we are united. We drive the national economy, so we only need one united strong voice,” he advocated.

He said understanding the modus operandi of stakeholders contributing to the development of the private sector, the urgency required for interconnection among businesses, and internal peace would provide avenue for the private sector to thrive.

“When the private sector thrives, many more businesses are created and jobs are made available for the jobless in the country,” he submitted.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of B-Bovid Ghana Limited,  when businesses in the country are growing as they should,  they grow along with the national economy.

The overall benefit of this, he said, is the unending avenue for revenue that the buoyancy and vibrancy of the economy would create.

Issa Ouedraogo, whose exploits in agriculture in the last five years in the western region has endeared him to many, said Ghana cannot afford to downplay the contribution of the private sector.

He said the sector remains the heartbeat of the national economy, and would require the players to showcase the core mandate of the sector by sustaining the growth of industry and by extension demonstrating the commitment to continue to create jobs. 

The Information, Communication, Technology (ICT) proficient, now turned agriculturist, said the avowed aim of entrepreneurs in the country should centre on the impact their activities make and continue to make on the national economy.

“The mark of every entrepreneur certainly rests with the number of jobs you have created.  The more you create jobs the more impact you make on the national economy and the larger society”.

He said many of the current challenges facing Ghana, be it social, political or economical are occurring as a result of persistent prevalence rate of joblessness in the system. 

“If people have jobs they would devote their time to national duties.” he concluded.

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