Prezzo Accused By Ex-wife Of Not Paying Child Support Money


Controversial Kenyan rapper Jackson Makini, better known as Prezzo seems to be affiliated with various women over his life, from baby mamas to girlfriends to even wives.

The former BBA housemate is being tongue lashed by his Ex-wife Daisy Jematia Kiplagat over lack of child support after their divorce.

Daisy took to her Facebook page to recount how the former BBA rep has been making false news on the parental care of child who she said he has not be supportive to their daughter.

In the post she also said revealed the fake life the rapper has been living in other extort funds from them and has promise to take further action soon.

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‘You all know this monster called Jackson Ngechu kimotho makini aka prezzo. I have not seen or communicated with him since my daughter was 2 yrs. I finally took him to court to pay child support and upkeep of the child and upto date hasn’t paid a dime. Not like he did when we were married. Finally got divorced and full custody of my daughter. He goes around on TV and since he is able to hold a mic or have fake written interviews he is always claiming to be taking his daughter to the best school in Kenya and that she is her princess spoils her rotten. He has never paid her fees never paid any dime for her up keep all this is my sweat and my blessed parents and family support. I don’t need to communicate with him but I wanted to have this space to let you all know that this guy instead chooses to go around with women and lie to them how rich he is and yet he doesn’t have anything and stays at his mum’s house. So when you all hear how he does and loves his daughter please don’t be fooled. Soon I will take further action on him I don’t need anything from him at all I just want him to stop running his mouth and trying to get credit and stop lying to the world just because I don’t like the lime light and I am not and have no interest to ever show my face out there. I never did and never want to. He borrows money from women I don’t know how many lies he says to them but once I got called by a girl when my daughter was 2yrs and she says he borrowed money to pay my daughters school fees. Honestly I want him to pay heavily for all the lies he has managed to tell the world. I get asked if a school is his cause of his last name not true at all. I get asked so many questions but I thank God I am not know out there so I live a very normal life and happy for sure. Actually my daughter doesn’t know him as her dad she just doesn’t know him at all. Fake a*s monster.’

The pair divorced in 2013 at the High Court in Nairobi after Daisy accused Prezzo of committing adultery and physical abuse on her.

Prezzo Ex- wife and their daughter