Obafemi Martins and Balotelli’s Sister Are Having Awesome s*x!!!


Out of favor Nigerian striker — Obafemi Martins currently plays for one of the MLS teams in the United States of America. You already know he’s also dating the sister of fellow soccer star — Mario Balotellli.

There were rumors recently that the couple was on the verge of a break-up but this proves that it’s all lies.

Thanks to social media and Instagram especially, we get to see celebrities doing what they do and also their dirty business too.

Football star Obafemi Martins‘ baby mama Abigail Barwuah took to Instagram to share a very intimate photo of herself with her man and their son with a very err…well an open caption directed at “haters”.

“Haters gonna hate. while we r loving, living, laughing, nd having AWESOME s*x”, she said.