Brazil Trip Was ‘Contest For Thieves’ – Franklin Cudjoe

The Executive Director for Policy Think Tank, IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has said revelations at the Dzamefe Commission can be likened to a contest of thieves and brigands.

“If you listen to the Commission it is as if it was a contest of brigands, thieves, highway robbers…,” said Franklin Cudjoe. The commission was established to investigate Ghana’s poor performance at the 2014 World Cup Tournament.

Government set up the Committee with the intention of resolving outstanding issues that barred Ghana from making it to the final stage of the game.

But Speaking on Citi FM’s News Analysis Programme, The Big Issue, Mr. Cudjoe said though the Commission of Inquiry plays a significant role, it will be unable to tackle corruption in the country, saying ,”don’t believe any of these things that are being done in the name of fighting corruption. This is not the way of fighting corruption…the commission is good for the purposes of public record and education… but this is not the way to fight corruption…”

“I have been following the play back at the Commission…and people go there to cry and they are told oh don’t cry, you are serving Mother Ghana. Those thieves, those brigands, gangs are not serving Mother Ghana. They are looting and at the end of the day, they cry, “he added.

Franklin Cudjoe also suggested that corporate entities and other stakeholders demand the payment of monies that were wrongfully spent at the 2014 Brazil World Cup Tournament.