Brazil 2014 Inquiry: What To Expect When Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah Reappears

Monday is day 20 of the commission of inquiry into the Brazil 2014 experience and this week, we expect some key people to appear.

Citi Sports understands that the Ghana FA will make an appearance, but it’s not clear what day exactly.

But we may also see a reappearance of Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, as he seeks to contest some damaging claims made against his administration.

Since the former sports minister made his appearance at the commission a fortnight, ago, the head of the Brazil 2014 secretariat, Fred Darko was first to appear and contradict him.

Fred Darko had said that each of the three accredited caterers got $17,200 in honorarium payments, which seemed to have contradicted Elvis Ankrah’s claim of an initial $2,000.

That said, the commission has since heard that Afriyie Ankrah did indeed give each caterer an initial $2,000.

Also problematic for Mr Ankrah was the appearance, last week, of the three caterers themselves.

But according to information gathered by Citi Sports, Elvis Ankrah will seek to clear the air on certain key issues when he appears.

First of all, the caterers agreed with the Brazil 2014 commission to take $35 per head in Ghana before leaving for Brazil.

According to our information, all three caterers – Ambar Foods, Monees Catering and Kenkey Boutique – were all given the latitude to shop in 3 Brazilian supermarkets, accompanied by one Afua Adoboe as a facilitator.

Citi Sports also understands that as several people have testified to the commission, none of them was allowed bring their own ingredients, as agreed.

After the Black Stars were eliminated in Brazil, Citi Sports understands that each of the caterers was then given $17,200, which in addition to the $2,000 earlier given, totaled $19,200.

Our information also indicates that the airfare for all three caterers was paid for by the secretariat, despite the fact that Mrs Quashigah did not state this information in her testimony last week.