HAAG Holds Seminar For 2014 Pilgrims

Hon. Alhaji Abdul Rauf Tanko Ibrahim Chairman Of The National Hajj Committee

Hon. Alhaji Abdul Rauf Tanko Ibrahim Chairman Of The National Hajj Committee

As part of its efforts to ensure that the 2014 Hajj operations becomes the most successful in the history of hajj operation in Ghana, the Hajj Agent Association of Ghana collaboration with the National Hajj Committee have organized a seminar for this year’s hajj pilgrims.

The seminar was aimed at educating the pilgrims about the rituals as well as the dos and don’ts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as many are those who are making the journey for their first time.

Taking the pilgrims through the hajj and Umrah guidance at the seminar an Islamic Scholar stated that pilgrim should intend his/her hajj and Umrah for the approval of Allah, seeking nearness to him and not for worldly reasons, pride or position, or obtaining a tittle or reputation.

According to the scholar it is desirable for the traveler to write his will and state what he owes and what is owed to him, adding that the traveler should return any trusts in his possession to their owners or obtain their permission to retain them. “For our lives are in the hand of Allah” they noted.

The scholar urged the pilgrims to repent from sins and disobedience to Allah, regretting what was past and determining not to return to such sins again.

Addressing the media on the preparedness of this year’s hajj, the Chairman of the committee Hon. Alhaji Abdul RaufTanko Ibrahim revealed that 5428 Ghanaian pilgrims would be airlifted to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this year, starting on 16th September this month.

He said there would be 12 flights in all, with the first flight expected to airlift 450 passengers, adding Nas Air would start transporting the pilgrims from September 16th.

According to him arrangements have been put in place to ensure a smooth pilgrimage for Ghanaian Muslims.

Alhaji Abdul Rauf stated emphatically that the committee has not charged additional $100 US Dollars from pilgrims for animal sacrifice during the Hajj, adding that the committee has a lot on its shoulder hence its cannot add anything to its operations.

Commenting on the animal sacrifice during the hajj Alhaji Halidu Abubakar Galaxy, a broadcast journalist who has over the years been at the fore front of hajj operations since 2008 to 2012 as a reporter during the previous committee, reiterated that never in the history of hajj has a committee taken money from pilgrims for animal sacrifice.

He revealed that it was some hajj agents who took money from their clients for the sacrifice.

According to him some of the agents who take money from their clients refuse to use the require sheep or goats that is needed for the sacrifice and sometimes sacrifice three goats on behalf of ten pilgrims

Alhaji Galaxy advice all pilgrims to be very careful of who they give their money to for the animal sacrifice, adding that there are people who roam about in Saudi Arabia with receipt booklets claiming to perform the sacrifice on their behalf (the pilgrims) but they keep the money without performing the sacrifice.

According to him pilgrims have another option to for three days during the hajj and seven days when he returns home if he or she does not have the means to sacrifice the sheep or goat.

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