Dencia Drops Another Product, Shares Photo ‘Vibrating v**ina Washer’


It’s obvious Dencia has decided that business is the way to go after a hard struggle to build her music brand collapsed.

The controversial singer turned serious business woman has dropped another product that would be hitting the streets soon.

Dencia made waves with Whitenicious earlier this year and now she’s shared a first look of the Vibrating v**ina Washer.

Dencia first spoke about this product in April when she announced it on her Instagram page

See photo and caption below: –


Her caption for the photo above,

“First look at the vibrating v**ina Washer by Dencia is here … #stoked…#LadiesAreYouReady #JustGotBackToLAAndWorkIsHere #TimeToCleanYourPimPim #ItsForExternalUseNotInternal #IntimateCare #DenciaDidThat @VVWBD”