B5 Plus to announce CARE programme for Tema municipality

Brilliant but needy children within the Tema municipality may soon be offered educational scholarship by B5 Plus, the leading steel supply and manufacturing company in Ghana.

The company considers it a way of giving back to the society after been in operation for over a decade in Ghana.

The CEO and Chairman of B5 Plus, Mr Mike Takwani noted:  “B5 Plus has been doing a lot of CSR programmes in the Tema area over many years. The Board of B5 Plus has taken a decision to consolidate all of these activities under the umbrella of a new structure that is being set up, called ‘B5 Plus Care’.”

The company is also in the process of constructing mechanized boreholes in selected communities within the Tema municipality without access to potable water.

The company which hitherto was importing steel and iron products into the country now also produces some of the products locally thereby giving employment to thousands of Ghanaians.

“We have a total workforce of two thousand and majority of them are Ghanaians, so if you look at it this way then we have contributed to reducing the unemployment challenge in the country,” according to Mr. Mike Thakwani.

The company has also taken on board the medical care of its employees under the B5 Plus Care initiative.

“We think it is important to give back to the society so B5 Plus Care is being established to advise management to carry out social intervention programme to alleviate peculiar needs of our workforce and the community we operate. The Delhi Public School or DPS we have established is one of our flagship social intervention programmes,” Mr. Thakwani added.

Despite the economic contribution to Ghana and many social investments B5 Plus is extending to the society, erratic electricity and water supply is threatening its resolve to keep its workforce intact, he noted.

The government took a decision two years ago to ensure constant supply of power to companies operating at the Tema industrial enclave where B5 Plus operates.

The situation however is not the same today as unstable power supply destroys their equipment and results in high operational cost.

Some of the companies within the enclave have threatened to sack employees if the situation persist.

“The power will go off without our knowledge and sometimes it destroys our machines and though we have decided not to let the ordinary workers suffer, if the situation does not improve then in the near future we may be forced to retrench some of the workers to keep the business running,” Mr. Thakwani stressed.

Meanwhile government says measures are being put in place to end the current crisis in the energy sector.    

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