Watch The P-Square Twins Talk New Album ‘Double Trouble’, Challenges, Background, Career, and More


P-Square‘s latest album “Double Trouble” drops today and it has been said to be one of the hottest Nigerian albums of the year.

However, the eccentric duo were on Spinlet for an exclusive interview on the album, their background, challenges and more, tomorrow.

Watch the various parts below: –

Part 1

“Peter and Paul (P-Square) are interviewed by Spinlet. They shared with Joke Jaiyesimi, their journey so far and how they got to where they are now.

Watch as Peter and Paul argue on some issues and agree on others.”

Part 2

“P-Square shares how they make their music and how they get inspiration. In this interview, they mentioned the role their mum has played in their career and how they got “T.I” and “Dave Scott” on their forthcoming album “Double Trouble“.

Despite being a huge success in many markets, P-Square still put in a lot of work into each other their piece of work.”

Part 3

“How did P-Square decide on the album title of their new release? T.I is on the Double Trouble album along other interesting acts like Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy to be on their forth coming album not as a producer.”

Part 4

“In this last Clip in the series, P-Square tells us when to expect their new album; “Double Trouble.” Peter and Paul argue on different tracks on the album they think would be the most popular.”