Tigo unveils tailor-made data solutions for clients

Tigo Ghana has redesigned its internet packages data packages to suit the lifestyles of the various categories of its customers.

Marketing Manager, Jesse Agyepong told journalists that through research, they have identified various categories of internet users for specific purposes, so they want to encourage each of those categories of users to do so at the most affordable rates without any hindrance.

“We noticed that some are avowed social media users, some like use the internet for education, some for entertainment and some for other purposes so we have re-designed our data packages and priced them in a way to suit each category of users,” he said.

He said they have not necessarily changed their existing affordable data packages but each has been targeted at the identified categories to ensure each user derived optimum benefit from the Tigo data network by choosing the appropriate package.

The prepaid internet packages on Tigo’s website show they have four packages that last for a day, two that last for a week and two others that last for a week. Each have different prices and different volumes of data.

There is Daily Lite, which is 50MB for 99Gp; Daily Xtra is 150MB for GHC2.49 and there is Daily Lite (Auto Renewal), which is 100MB for only 99Gp, as well as Daily Xtra (Auto Renewal) at GHC2.49 for 300MB. But the auto renewal packages require the user to agree to an automatic deduction of the daily rate of 99Gp or GHS2.49 from their primary balance once the existing package expires.

The weekly packages are Weekly Lite, which is 400MB at GHC4.49 and Weekly Xtra, which is 600MB of data at GHC5.99, while the monthly packages are Monthly Lite at GHS29.99 for 5.632GB and Monthly Xtra at GHC49.99 for 10.240GB of data.

The company said each of the eight packages are designed to suite particular lifestyles so when the customers approaches customer service and states what they want to suit their lifestyle, the will be advised and be given the most suitable package to make them enjoy their lifestyles without any worries of running out of data capacity.

Tigo is also assuring customers that it is on course to meet their National Communication Authority’s requirement for telcos to provide full 3G coverage for all district capitals.

“We are the only telco that has come very close to meeting that requirement and I can assure you that sooner than later we will have 3G coverage in all district capitals in the country,” Jesse Agyepong said.

Subscriber base numbers from the NCA shows that while Tigo’s data customers increased from about 1.5million in January to almost 2million in June 2014, its overall subscriber base dropped by 24,010 over the same period.

Meanwhile, Tigo is the biggest winner on the Mobile Number Portability (MNP), with almost 250,000 subscriber gains through MNP. And Tigo is arguably the moment vigilant in the fight against SIM box fraud.

Some industry experts have explained that because Tigo is quick to detect and deactivate SIMs being used for fraudulent call bypass, its subscriber base tend to drop quickly, while the other less vigilant telco continue to shore up their subscriber base with call bypass SIMs.

Tigo is the third biggest operator in Ghana by subscribers.

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