The Stained Glass Voice Of A Prosperity Church Leader By Name Dr Mensah Otabil

. Who was he campaigning for when he said Ghana needs a New Leadership Change?

.Is the IMF An Evil Spirit?

You can speak with spiritual eloquence and decorate yourself with doctorate degrees; pray in public and maintain a holy appearance…, but it is your behavior that will reveal your true character… Come again, Pastor Dr Mensah Otabil.

First of all, I want Pastor Mensah Otabil to know that many of us attended missionary schools and received treatment in hospitals founded by churches. The fees were largely cheap and affordable.

But today, the secondary schools and private universities established by some of the prosperity churches that he leads charge tuition fees on commercial basis. May be that is the Sinking Ship.

Secondly, these prosperity churches have virtually become centres of commerce. It is so bad that the children of poor members of the congregation, who are even exceptionally brilliant, are driven away from such institutions on ground of poverty.

As a Ghanaian I believe it’s time for those who want to become “Political Pastors” to come out boldly and tell us the truth, because I have observed – both from a distance and at close range – that they do not necessarily respond to the facts before them.

Rather, they respond to what they perceive before them, even if what they perceive is incorrect and deceive the flock.

Dr Otabil should know that the world is becoming churchy and the church is becoming worldly. In those days, you know a Christian by how he lives. Today, many people honour God with their lips, but their hearts are far away from God. That is what these prosperity pastors are gradually doing.

As true Christians and believer of faith, Pastor Otabil should be a to leading voice by educating fellow Pastors to honour their tax obligations so that the nation would not sink because death could be escaped but taxes never.

Because most of them have profit-making ventures such as schools, micro finance institutions, transportation as some of the profit-making businesses that they are engaged in. And yet they fail or refuse to honour their tax obligations and then turn around to complain about the country’s economy. .

The question is, how does a full-time preacher manage to amass such wealth that we are seeing today? The answer is simple: from the tithes, offerings, profit from church businesses and donations offered by members of their congregations, most of whom defend the right of the pastor to grow wealthy in the service of his flock.

There are however two fundamental problems with all of this pastoral wealth. The first is that it, in some cases, is generated from the proceeds of trustee misconduct in his public office; yet don’t seem to see anything wrong with it.

Nowadays, huge bill-boards and very expensive sign posts are gorgeously erected all over at vantage points showcasing the beautiful and handsome faces of founders of churches like Dr Mensah Otabil at the expense of the poor and needy.

Most of them choose the very expensive streets in town to cluster it with their huge billboards and posters.

The church has therefore become a thriving business in Ghana amidst the economic problems like the “Sinking Ship” that he Pastor Mensah Otabil is talking about. In fact, it has become the shortest route to wealth and affluence for the county’s teeming population of unemployed youths, especially our young ladies.

Dr Mensa Otabil recently likened Ghana to the sunken RMS Titanic of 1912. This analogy, however, bodes ill consequences for investor confidence in the country. To the extent that Ghana is soliciting the assistance of the Bretton Wood Institution to help rescue her ailing economy that was his message to his flock.

What I want to know from Dr Otabil is whether the IMF, Bretton Wood Institution is Evil Spirit?

Dr Otabil has also been giving his flocks false hope about the economy by telling them that the major cocoa producer’s external debt keeps ballooning; telling his audience that he doubted things would get better so Ghana needs a leadership change. Clearly, the partisan political campaigning season has arrived too soon for Pastor Otabil.

To the extent that he thinks that the Captain of Ghana’s ship is not a decisive leader but a decisive leader as one, who “follows rules and sees the urgency of a situation”.

I don’t begrudge him because these days some men of God employ all sorts of tricks and techniques to extort money from gullible folks. They use this money to build magnificent churches, erect costly dwellings and buy luxurious cars and live ostentatiously while their church members languish in poverty, misery and squalor. But I know that the Hand of God is on Mother Ghana and our country is Foretaste of Glory divine.

There’s hope.

I want to also know from Dr Otabil what he’s done about instances where people have even stolen money to give to their pastors and churches. Yet people like Dr Mensah Otabil don’t see anything wrong with it.

In Matthew 24: 5, the Bible says that many shall come in my name.

The Holy Bible states that many pastors will come in the form of good servants of God not genuinely pursuing heavenly desires. One of the major issues confronting today’s churches in Ghana is that the congregation or followers of the gospel are only interested with pastors that are spiritually and economically doing well and nothing else.

These men of God know that Africa has the highest infant-mortality rate in the world. And millions are still dying of preventable diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. A United Nations, report indicates 6,000 African children die from these preventable diseases and 11,000 become infected with-HIV/AIDS every day. And yet they gloss over such critical health issues confronting us and then turn to discover a ‘sinking ship’.

However, instead of appealing to the youth in the country to arm themselves with education to revive Ghana, they tend to gloss over it.

I get so tired of being lumped in with redneck bible-belters in the name of ‘Christianity’ who always want to take the opportunity to insult the President of the Republic, John Dramani Mahama, for accepting that times are hard, but it’s just for a short term.

Describing the Captain of the ship as an overconfident leader, who “believes in his own stories until he sinks”, nor an overcautious leader, who “never knows what to do, [but] always hoping things will be better”.