Sulley’s Violent Rage in Brazil; KPBs “Serious” Confrontation With Appiah…As Told By National Security Official

Said Mubarak Suleman, Head of Security of the Ghana Contingent at the Brazil 2014 World Cup, on Wednesday detailed suspended Ghanaian international, Sulley Muntari’s rage during and after a meeting with Management of the Black Stars over their appearance fees; which led to his suspension by the Management of the team before Ghana’s last group game against Portugal.

Alhaji Mubarak Suleman, who virtually corroborated the GFA’s side of the story, made these details known while appearing at the Presidential Commission of Enquiry set to investigate circumstances related to Ghana’s outing at the Brazil World Cup.

Answering questions on Sulley Muntari’s rage, he said he was drawn into the situation after the rage had begun and tried restraining Sulley who was furious.

In the process of trying to restrain him and with Sulley furious and trying to have a go at Moses Armah, they all went to the ground, according to him.

“The two of us went down and my counterpart also joined, my counterpart was stronger than me and stronger than Sulley so l left things to him and he was able to prevent Sulley from getting close to Moses; but along the line, Sulley was able to get hold of a glass and he wanted to throw but because we were preventing him, he didn’t have the strength and the target to throw but finally it went off his hand and hit the GFA President but it didn’t touch Moses,” he recounted.

On whether anyone was injured in the fracas, he noted that it was only the GFA President who might have been bruised as a result of the drinking glass that was thrown by Sulley.

He continued to narrate how Sulley Muntari went on to destroy various items belonging to Moses Armah, the Management member he was involved in the banter with.

“There was a point where Moses had left, so we wanted to move Sulley out of the room but he was insistent that we leave him and that he leaves voluntarily but my counterpart told him to move, it was there that he decided to dismantle anything he came across, he took Moses’s Ipad, Telephone, anything that he came across he smashed them,” he said

On a question of why the Security didn’t try more forcefully to restrain him or act faster to stop him from destroying the items, Mubarak Suleman said “that was what we were trying to do, to usher him out. All the things were on the bed; a phone, Ipad and the laptop; he broke the three of them one after the other. What happened was that he took the first one and by the time we got to where he was, he had broken it, so were pleading with him, Sulley please, please and before we knew he had taken the second one too and hit it on the ground. It happened very fast, and it was very difficult to anticipate what he will do next. Secondly he was a player, so care had to be taken how to deal with him.”

The Head of Security told the Commission that the Brazilian Police and security were not involved in the issue and that it wasn’t true that the Brazilian police at any time wanted to apprehend Sulley.

On Kelvin Prince Boateng’s issue, Suleman Mubarak said that he and his counterpart were some distance away when they realized there was a confrontation between Kevin and the Coach with things getting heated so decided to intervene to stop the confrontation from escalating, which they managed to do successfully by separating the two.

On whether Kevin Prince Boateng insulted the coach, he said “I was told earlier on that there were insults but I didn’t witness the insults. By the time I got there the insults and exchange of words had ended but you could see that there was still anger. The two of them were just close.”

He described it as a ‘serious incident’. “

“It was a serious thing. It was a disciplinary issue because as a player, if you have a point, you have a captain, so if you have a point, you approach the captain, you don’t confront the coach in the manner he did,” he said.