Hon. Kojo Adu Asare Finally Speaks…As Copied From His Facebook Wall

I have said time and again that I Kojo Adu-Asare will never ever in my political career make any attempt to steal money or get involved in any financial impropriety and I have NOT done so yet, and I’m not considering doing so at any given time soon.

The commission is fully aware that my role as Chairman for the Protocol and Supporters Welfare, never involved any spending. Ours was to SELECT an eventual service provider to airlift Ghanaian supporters to Brazil and back and that was all I did. Their eventual performance may not have satisfied us as a nation, but that does not translate

The fact that I was a member of the committee does not make me the spending officer for the ministry which has the responsibility to spend and account for monies in their account.

Yes, I was part of the team that raised money for the Ministry, but ALL cheques were made into the Ministries account and for that Matter they spent it in the best way they deemed fit. I was not and still am not a staff of the Ministry, and there is NO record here on earth that I Kojo Adu-Asare made a ONE Ghana cedi claim since December 2013 to July 2014 on any account from the Ministry and that is my joy.

If anybody has any EVIDENCE to the contrary, they should be bold to hang me with it. I know I am an Honest person, and it won’t take my detractors’ high-pitched voice to change my character overnight. The whole Ghana
can choose to slander me according to their own marking scheme, but it is the TRUTH that matters to me, and it is only THE GOD upstairs that knows it all.

The facts are staring at us in the face yet people only want to visit their own set of facts on the issues. I wonder when Ghanaians will find Honest people to Lead this nation at all levels, because we will stop at nothing to run them down in an attempt to bring whoever that person may be to their level, what a country.


Thank You

Akpah Prince

[email protected]

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