With the trending of hi-life genre of music falling immensely, veteran Akosua Agyapong now happens to be the pivot and spotlight who still has what it takes to resuscitate the genre to greater altitudes of pedestal.

This has kept her active in the music scene, unlike some colleagues of hers who have given up or been left out due to the swift turn of tables from hi-life to dancehall and hip life genre of music.

September 19, 2014 will go down in history, as the people of Tamale and other hi-life lovers will witness a breath taking concert being championed by Akosua Agyapong as well as Ghana’s current dancehall songstress MzVee.

The concert has been scheduled to take place at Radash hotel at exactly 5pm and will continue until midnight.

Speaking to Mr. Desman, the P.R.O of the hi-life musician, preparations are all set – from hotel booking to flight schedule for takeoff as well a private but intensive rehearsal session.

The singer and actress in an exclusive interview with Pink Fm and Today newspaper also revealed the show is not going to witness musicians based in Accra only but other artistes based at Tamale.

According to her, the hi-life genre seemingly is becoming extinct whilst profane and weakly scripted music is dominating and dictating the trend of music in Ghana.

As she delved deeper in talking about this, she stated emphatically that she will live up to expectation in continuing to script songs which are of strong lyrics and carries educative messages in order to educate the public.

The mother of six told an exclusive side of her concert which has been termed the oldies and newies.

This she explained that her performance will be of a combination of some of her old songs as well as her new – ranging from Frema, Kokooko to some of the songs on her new abulm.

The entire management team of Mrs Asamoah Larbi (Aksua Agyapong) will be at the event in being supportive to the progress and course of the concert.

All and sundry are entreated to be at the place of event to witness the Akosua Live Concert as she and her fellow musicians help resuscitate hi-life genre of music.

Story: Manuel King (Promoter & Publicist, Akosua Agyapong)

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