Free, Compulsory Uniforms For Teachers Is A Misplaced Priority And A Mafia Initiative To Retrench Teachers

The Alliance For Change note with grave concern a statement attributed to the Minister for Education about uniforms for Teachers employed by the Government.

The statement suggests that the Government intends to supply to all teachers free uniforms which shall subsequently be the compulsory attire for all teachers in the country. It also further hints that failure by any teacher to comply would result in the name of that teacher being deleted from the Government’s payroll.

Our cause for concern rests primarily on the financial burden this move would place on the country’s already challenged national economy.

We note that due to the challenges faced by the economy, the Government has failed to even meet their statutory financial obligations to the education sector.

Payments to The Ghana Education Trust Fund for instance stand in arrears and for more than two years the Government has either not paid or delayed payment of subvention to various tertiary and other institutions in the Education Sector.

A simple cost benefit analysis would have revealed to the sponsors of this bizarre project that the money to be used for the exercise could, would and should be properly channeled into a more productive venture in the Education sector; for instance, coming on the heels of the country’s worst ever WASSCE performance, the Government’s new

found money- if there is any- can be used to employ more teachers in areas where there exist a dire shortage of teachers, provide tools for effective teaching and boost the monitoring unit of the Ghana Education Service.

We restrain ourselves from reminding the Minister that her threat to delete the names of teachers, who do not comply with this whimsical edict from the Government’s payroll, is potentially illegal and unlawful.

We also see this as one of the numerous government efforts to retrench workers and if it is truly the case, we call on the G.E.S to come out openly to notify the general public instead of hiding behind flimsy initiatives and inferior tactics which turn to portray the G.E.S similar to a mafia group.

In conclusion, we would respectfully urge the Minister to get to work and rescue Ghana’s collapsing Education Sector instead of dabbling petty matters and crass trivialities.

Atick Yakubu
Oheneba Bediako

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