Chineke: A 14 Year Old American Boy Charged With Desecrating A Jesus Christ Statue


Wonders shall never end in this world true true oooh.

I just read a report on a 14-year-old boy in the United States who has been charged with desecrating a statue of Jesus Christ.

The Pennsylvania-based boy is said to have stood in front of a Jesus statue, mimicking a s*x act which he then posted pictures of his actions on social media.

Read Daily Mail reports below: –

The statue reportedly belongs to Love in the Name of Christ, a Christian service organization. However, the organization did not file charges against the boy. Instead, they asked people to pray for him.

Authorities charged the teen through a 1972 law which makes it a criminal offense to desecrate a venerated object.

According to reports, the boy’s identity has been concealed because he is a minor, and his court papers are sealed.

It is unclear why the boy desecrated the statue.