Black Stars Dashed Our Hopes Of Getting More Money

Despite “our fervent prayers and Quran recital, the Black Stars disappointed us with their abysmal performance in Brazil”, owner of the Kenkey Boutique stated when she appeared before the Commission of Inquiry Wednesday.

According to Mercy Amina Sackey, while the Christians in the team’s camp were calling on God, they [Muslims] also engaged fervently in Quran recital to seek Allah’s intervention for the Stars to go through the one-month long tournament and possibly win the coveted cup.

The team’s long stay in the competition, she pointed out could have fetched them [caterers] some more money.

But their morale, she maintained was quenched with the Black Stars early exit from the mundial.

Mercy Amina Sackey, also known as Kenkey Boutique at the last minute of her submission, stole the show with this ‘comic relief’. Everyone including Justice Dzamefe was seen giggling.

The Justice Dzamefe Commission of Inquiry is investigating Ghana’s participation in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Meanwhile, in her earlier submission to the Commission, Kenkey Boutique expressed the frustrations she and other two caterers – Monees and Ambar, had to go through while in Brazil.

She claimed her employers never gave her money to buy food stuffs to prepare food for about 540 supporters carted to Brazil.

The agreement was that she would offer two square meals a day for that number of supporters at $35 but along the line, they got angry and demanded three meals a day – morning, afternoon and evening. They had agreed on $35 for two square meals a day.

This notwithstanding, her team obliged and did same, according to her.

Kenkey Boutique explained this brought severe pressure and stress on her team for their 15 days stay in the South American country.

She continued a man had given out $6000 to be shared among herself, Monees and Ambar. “I gave Mrs. Quashigah $2000, Monees, $2000 and I took the remaining $2000.”

A day before disembarking to Ghana, Kenkey Boutique added three men – Fred, Larry and Danny, came to “us saying this was the remaining money [$55,000] for the caterers” and they shared among themselves.

To her, they were not happy with the development considering their over expenditure. They felt their employers should have given them some more money than they did.

“They said they would call us for some money and it never came. For this reason, I don’t even put off my phone. I was expecting the call from Joel Nettey,” she told the Commission.