Ban Plastic Bags- Activist

Richard Nyamah, a political activist, has appealed to Ghana’s Parliament to ban the production and use of plastic bags across the country.

‘I will urge the government to put in place legislation to ban the manufacture and use of plastic bags in the country. The current industry players should be urged to look for alternative ways of producing packing materials such as paper, which is more environmentally friendly.’

In a press statement, Mr. Nyamah noted that plastic bags were causing great harm to the environment and the health of persons and some animals in Ghana.

According to him, ‘The plastic bag industry may be a multi-million cedi industry in Ghana but it has a multi-million dollar effect on the environment, our health and lives.’

He could not fathom why government had failed to put measures in place to collect, re-use or dispose of such plastic bags after they had been used.

‘Plastic bags are a scourge on our environment and in this day of the green revolution, it is mindboggling that we produce so much plastic, which has taken over every aspect of our lives as a nation without putting in place mechanisms for their collection, reuse or disposal.

Our water bodies such as the Odo River and several lakes and even the sea have been taken over by plastic with their concomitant side effects on aquaculture,’ he stated.

‘The cholera epidemic that has since infected over 10,000 people is an annual ritual in Ghana and especially the capital, Accra where heaps of filth have engulfed a city our mayor is proud to call the cleanest in Africa,’ he indicated.

He observed that the outbreak of the Cholera ‘signifies how dirt has become commonplace in Ghana.’

BY Melvin Tarlue
(Email: [email protected])

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