10th BWP Series Observed

The 10th edition of the Breakfast with Papa [BWP] series has been held in style on a bus on the route to Aburi, and was completed at the Papaye Gardens near Aburi in the Eastern region.

The BWP Series, a youth empowerment program which usually takes place in alternating venues every Saturday morning in Accra, had its Season 1 Finale in transit, henceforth finishing off with a bang.

Speaking at the breakfast meeting on Saturday on the Theme” How do we Secure Tomorrow and Functional Citizenship “ ,Papa said that despite the economic challenges facing the country and the world at large one can secure tomorrow by having a basic understanding of one’s role in this transition.

He added that having an understanding that one’s nation is only as strong as the people in it and securing each other, sharing ideas together and building capacity among each other, is a sure way of securing the future of the nation.

Papa explained that Functional Citizenship is more than being a part of a certain demographic area and having the rights and privileges that comes with being part of a nation, but it included understanding your duty as a citizen and what you can contribute to national development.

He cited that in some parts of the world certain privileges are enjoyed by the people in certain countries, due to their human resource and how those resources are managed.” If a country has sharp and skillful resources, it develops faster. Everyone is responsible for ensuring they develop themselves not only for their survival but also for the country to thrive.

He mentioned that Season 2 would have rich topics like demystifying the oil sector, the services sector, etc. to aid those thinking of a career change to get the right information to make informed decisions.

It would be held every last Saturday of the month at different locations and would bring resource persons with rich experiences to share.

A resource person with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr. Kwesi Gaga-Kumah who was at the program to educate the participants on certain salient points in the constitution, said that functional citizenship required people to contribute effectively into the system by thriving to achieve something for the state.

“The countries do well when the citizens do well and how much a nation is worth depends on the total number of people living in it” he added.

He added that once a citizen benefited from the state it was incumbent every citizen to give back to the state and said that citizens are entitled to some rights and privileges such as education, good roads, portable water among other things.

Mr. Gaga-Kumah reiterated that sovereignty resides in the people who are the major decision makers of the state adding that failure of the people to understand what is in the constitution or critical issues that concern the country was a failure of duty. He took his time and went through article 41 of the constitution; clearly explaining what each phrase meant and enlightened participants on their duties.

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