What Is The State Of GYEEDA Legislation? – MAC Wants To Know

It will be recalled not long ago that, MAC raised quite an array of issues affecting GYEEDA and its direction. To this end, His Excellency President John Mahama intervened and demanded of the National Coordinator of GYEEDA to undertake certain important tasks as a matter of urgency.

At the heart of the president’s instruction, was the need to commence GYEEDA’s restructuring process in earnest and with every dedication the Agency headed by Mr. Kobby Acheampong could command.

Sadly, these instructions as issued by His Excellency are as yet to receive full compliance. The restructuring process-the very essence of Mr. Acheampong’s appointment is plagued with some inexplicable inertia.

The net effect is that, activities of the Agency at all levels have somewhat stagnated. The present state of affairs as superintended over by the National Coordinator is nibbling at a faster rate, the relevance and purpose of GYEEDA. A situation the country cannot afford.

It is instructive to mention that, subsequent to Mass Action Committee’s press conference, the National Coordinator indicated that the reforms in question had begun and that processes were underway to ensure the passage of the GYEEDA Bill.

Ladies and gentlemen, we want to ask the Coordinator what is the state of the GYEEDA legislation today as we speak? The other important tasks such as a holistic modular audit is also yet to be done since the National Coordinator’s appointment late last year.

The problem of youth unemployment is one burden we all share. Therefore interventions such as GYEEDA ought to be given the deserved commitment and attention by all those entrusted with the responsibility to make it work again.

We however contend that, the conduct and commitment levels of the National Coordinator to restructure GYEEDA as quickly as possible so that our countless unemployed youth can be engaged once again are below acceptable limits. The result is the ever expanding cover of youth unemployment with its attendant dangers to our national life.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is worth mentioning that, the only objective the National Coordinator has pursued with relentless alacrity since assuming office is the procurement of a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser at the tax payer’s expense.

How does he justify such a colossal purchase for an Agency he is practically rendering ineffectual and dormant?

Ladies and gentlemen, another disconcerting outcome of the snail-pace at which Mr. Acheampong is undertaking the restructuring process, is the cost it generates to the state.

All GYYEEDA Coordinators across the Districts and staff at the Headquarters are drawing salaries every month and yet technically speaking, are on vacation because they are all looking up to the National Coordinator to conclude the reform process-an exercise that is taking him almost forever to do.

We recognize the passion of the President to revive GYEEDA and make it even more relevant to the employment needs of Ghana’s youth. However, we dare say that, this passion which is a shared phenomenon might elude us and indeed, the nightmare of youth unemployment might get to egregious levels if things continue to be done in this manner and at this speed by the head of the agency.

In this regard, we are appealing to the President whose show of commitment to the GYEEDA project is beyond doubt, to as a matter of urgent necessity call on the National Coordinator to quicken his pace in the reform process.

Timelines must be given to him within which to conclude the restructuring process. It is our considered view that, the fact that the President’s instruction was not accompanied by any timelines is part of the reason why the GYEEDA boss is dragging his feet.

We further appeal to the President to insist that, the value for money audit on the various modules be done in the shortest time possible.

This will allow GYEEDA at least in the interim, to start rolling out some of its original modules such the Health Assistants and Community Teaching modules whose services are critical and in pressing demand given most recent developments.

We also urge that the Minister of Employment and Labor Relations under whom GYEEDA is now placed, should be up and doing to ensure that the reform is done as quickly as possible so that the Agency can commence recruitment once again.

The Minister and by extension the Ministry, must exercise its supervisory role over GYYEDA to the fullest for effective and efficient running of the Agency.

We also demand that, the National Coordinator desists from expending his energy on incidental but costly matters. We are aware he has engaged an unqualified Auditor for GYEEDA.

As an Agency under a Ministry, we are wondering what Mr. Acheampong’s intentions are doing this recruitment without recourse to the sector Ministry’s Auditors whose job it is to oversee GYEEDA’s audit needs or duties. Much of his energy should be directed at completing the reform process, for many young people on daily basis get discomposed the longer the restructuring takes.

It is our fervent hope that, His Excellency the President will take the necessary action to ensure that the National Coordinator applies himself to fast-racking the reform process in order that the burden of youth unemployment in the country can be lessened.

However, if our appeals fail to yield the needed results in two weeks, the Mass Action Committee will take the next appropriate action.

We have a great nation, together we can make it greater.
God Bless Us All!


Atik Mohammed