Ten (10) Important Things To Let-Go-Off By The Time You Turn 30

For many it means that you’re no longer in the hard-partying, sparkly makeup or fruity body sprays wearing, bad decision-making phase of your life for good.

It is a landmark age for many women and although you want to remain stylish and fabulous there are some things you should let-go-off before by the time you’re 30.

And to help you approach this fabulous new decade with style and grace, we’ve compiled a list of the things: wardrobe pieces,beauty products etc that are best left behind.

A. Beauty Products

1. Fruity Body Sprays

As much as you will miss smelling like the contents of a fruit bowl, why not try switching to a Signature Fragrance or better still, layer your fragrances for a truly signature scent!

2. Over-The-Top False Eyelashes

As much as we love long, fluttery lashes, an over-the-top fringe looks silly when it’s not accompanied by a sequined mini dress (a former closet staple we humbly suggest also leaving behind in your 20’s). Try Subtle Individual Lashes which look natural, yet lengthening!

3. Sparkly Lip Gloss, Glitter Eyeliner and Bronzer

Nothing screams “juvenile” more than giant specks of sparkle on your lips and eyelid. Leave the high gloss and glitter to the less mature, opt for Sheer Gloss With A Tint Of Colour and Warm, Metallic Eyeliner. And if you insist on shimmer, reach for a creamy eyeliner with a barely-there glint of metal. A Silky, Matte Bronzer will give you the post-beach glow you want and make for a great contour.

4. Coloured Mascara

Yes, it was a fun trend, and yes, you got many a colourful pictures from it, but we suggest giving it a rest for your more refined decade. Switch to an Inky-Black Waterproof Mascara instead!. This is both mature and like the name says Waterproof!

5. Nail Art Stamps

When it comes to your nails, we believe your colour preferences and tastes will change naturally with your age—so wear whatever colour you want on your digits, and do it proudly.

B. Wardrobe Pieces

6. Anything that’s not really your colour

At this time, you ought to know what colour(s) fit and don’t fit your skin tone. Use this knowledge as a guide for ditching some old stuffs and also when shopping for you new ones.

7. Dresses that are too tight, too short, and unflattering.

Buy mini dresses in flattering silhouettes, like fit-and-flare. Opt for dress that fit like gloves and flatter your body shape and figure.

8. Clothes, Shoes and purses not in perfect condition.

Whether they’re scratched, stained, ripped or have faded leather and if the bags have broken straps, Stained, ripped, or ruined clothes. No matter how much you once loved them, get rid of them! And if you’re desperately attached to them, then get them fixed.

9. Clothes that show your underwear and bra’s that don’t fit.

Bras that haven’t been fitted professionally. It’s free at most department stores, so make sure yours actually fit.

10. Jewellery that turns your skin green or gifts from ex-boyfriends

Invest in an edited selection of quality pieces you love. Anything from you ex that you never really liked should go with the 20′s.