Vanderpuye- Fight filth, not journalists – GJA

The General-Secretary of the Ghana Journalist Association, David Agbenu, has condemned the Accra Mayor for what he says is excessive show and use of power.

He says the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s Chief executive should concentrate on ridding the city of filth and stop fighting with journalists.

“I will be thinking that instead of attacking the media he will rather attack the filth in the city. He should rather vent his anger on the filth not human beings who are helping him. How does the AMA boss expect to win the war against cholera without the media?”

On Saturday September 7, 2014 the Mayor of Accra called policemen to arrest JoyNews reporters who had gone to Mensah Guinea to report on how inhabitants were faring after a demolition exercise carried out on 5th September 2014. They however only apprehended the Crew Driver Felix Akonnor, as the reporter and cameraman quickly left the scene to protect their recorded visuals.

The situation in Mensah Guinea is a developing story on JoyNews on MultiTV, aimed at exposing the plight of residents who claim to have been given 3 days by the A. M. A to vacate their home or makeshift structures they call home.

When JoyNews visited the scene, some residents of Mensah Guinea were found sleeping in the open. This is appears to be the reportage that may have angered the mayor who believes it is Multimedia reporters who coerced those affected residents to sleep on the ground to be filmed, in what he describes as “fabrication”.

He advised that the Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly could have gone through the proper means of addressing a faulting journalist

GJA General Secretary David Agbenu refutes claims that the Association is a toothless bulldog and reminded News Desk Host Keminni Amanor that the GJA took action when a journalist from The Ghanaian Times was attacked at the Independence Square and got the military to apologize.

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