Konadu Blames Results On Supporter Apathy

Black Stars’ assistant coach, Maxwell Konadu has blamed the team’s uninspiring display against the Cranes of Uganda on supporter apathy.

The Black Stars played to a hostile crowed after their own supporters turned on them in what appeared to be a revenge for the team’s embarrassing campaign at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“We are disappointed but what can we say; It is football and sometimes these things happen but the most important thing now is to gather ourselves together and pick up the piece and also pull a surprise.

“When you play football and you are doing well, all the nation is behind you, you have all the support that is needed. All these factors are very important to a team winning and if you do not have certain things or certain areas of your preparations is not going on well, we can not do it all ourselves.

“When you are playing before your teeming fans and you realise everybody is not just behind you, sometimes it is difficult to play against the against supporters”.

While the Black Stars returned from recess to boos from the home crowd, the team began an early attempt to draw parity which arrived five minutes into the second half.

Konadu said “We know that so many things have gone wrong which is not the players or the fault of any body but we have to understand one thing, once we do not have their support, we cannot continue to play well.

“We have to plead with the supporters that whatever that has happened has already happened. We have to come together as one nation and move the nation forward”.

Ghana will be on the road to Lome where they play Togo in their next game on Wednesday.