Crocodile Tears Galore: Adu-Asare Breaks Down At World Cup Commission

Honorable Kojo Adu-Asare broke down sobbing today when he made his appearance before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry.The tears were provoked when he lamented the sweat and resources he and a few others had put into the world cup preparation.

As head of the Protocol and Supporters Welfare union for the Brazil 2014 World Cup, he told the Dzamefe Commission on the 16th day of sitting that the decision to ask three travel agencies to work together was as a result of their inability to find one agency that had demonstrated the capability in meeting all the laid down criteria of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

According to him the committee had no documentation on a benchmark or spelt out criteria for which the travel and tour agencies who had submitted their applications would be elected.

“Let me mention that initially even though we were looking at selecting one who came out as the overall best, we realized that each one of them didn’t have everything to give us that foolproof seamless service.

We tossed it around and found that if we could not find that one entity we could put a group of three together so we can ride on each other’s strengths.

As I said the criteria was just to look at cost,track record,understanding of terrain and the resources needed to commit to the project this is the checklist we used in eliminating candidates,”he told the commission.

Travel Arrangements

He further went on to explain why Travel Matters who been condemned initially were given the nod ahead of an agency like Bahmed Travel and Tours who his committee had endorsed in their final report to the Minister.

“Bahmed had given us a very good presentation in terms of knowledge on the ground and all the other things we were looking at but eventually priced himself out.”

How were fans chosen?
He revealed that again no documentation was tended in by the various supporter groups after they had been screened by the committee to ascertain which ones had prior experience in attending competitions involving the various national teams.

“we met the supporters and interviewed them and asked for representation,their size in terms of numbers,countries they have visited before and programs they have participated in.

This gave us a sense of who we were having to deal with at that level,”he said.

Admitting that actions they carried out with regards to fans was done solely on the verbal endorsement by some individuals at the Ministry.


He ended his submissions by stating that the nation needed to state clearly its position when it came to the issue of transporting fans to support national teams in future tournaments.

“We have to look at the issue of supporters being lifted to wherever the Black Stars are playing as a key issue.

If we want to continue to do it we have to come clean,that as a nation we will continue to support fans to be lifted and if we wont we should state it clearly.

Until that is out there for all of us to embrace we will still be facing such difficulties in future,”he told the commission.

The commission resumes sitting on Tuesday 9th September, 2014.

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